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The Writing Learning Centre: The Professional Site for Writing

We are a site for writing. True, we have many clients and prospects who actually make their living as writers. We also have persons on our database who don't write themselves, but who love the craft and enjoy reading about it. But in reality, anyone who puts a pen to paper, or a finger to keyboard, is a writer.

And that means today, everyone is a writer!

We used to use mainly verbal modes of communication: telephone, meetings, personal visits. We have segued to become a society that employs primarily written communication: Email, instant messenger, chat rooms, list servs, and more.

Never before has this statement been truer: You are what you write!!

The Writing Learning Centre offers also a series of courses on business writing.

Consider the following facts:

  • A 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey shows that 47% of the adults in the United States demonstrate low levels of literacy.
  • The U. S. Department of Labor estimates that illiteracy costs US businesses approximately $225 billion each year in lost productivity.
  • Consulting company Arthur D. Little Inc estimates that 30% of letters and memos in industry and government are written to seek clarification of earlier correspondence.
  • It is estimated that working professionals spend up to 40% of their time writing or reading someone else's work.

What does this all mean?

  • If you are an employee of a business or organization, your success depends heavily on your communication skills, in particular, your ability to write.
  • If you are a manager or owner of a business or organization, poor writing skills cost you money, BIG money!

Enter the Writing Learning Centre

The Writing Learning Centre is THE professional site for writing instruction, and offers you the very best online writing instruction available today. Our instructors are professional educators and writers who not only know their stuff inside and out, but also the best ways to deliver the learning so you will "get it."

The Business Writing side of the Writing Learning Centre offers you a variety of courses to help you with your writing skills, including Basic Grammar and Structure, How to Write a Business Plan, Communication in the Digital Age, Technical Writing, and more.

Certificate Program

We also offer a 5-course certificate program in Business Writing Skills. If you take all 4 of the following courses, you will get a 20% reduction on tuition, as well as a certificate, which you can use towards continuing education credit in your trade or profession. These courses are:

Course ID: LC101