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Certificate Program in Business Writing Skills

Course ID: LC101

Current Openings: Yes

Our 4-course certificate program in Business Writing is an excellent opportunity for the motivated employee or manager. If you take all 4 of the following courses, normally offered at $300 per course, they will be made available at the reduced rate of $960. In addition, you will receive a certificate which you can use towards continuing education credit in your trade or profession.

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The courses are:

  1. Grammar 101
    When you have completed this course, you will be able to do the following:
    Course ID: LC005
    • Define and demonstrate correct use of parts of speech
    • Identify parts of sentences, sentence types and word order
    • Demonstrate correct punctuation and mechanics
    • Discuss and use The Elements of Style
  2. Business Writing Basics
    In this course you will build upon your good grammar skills and learn about the process of creating good written business communication. You will:
    Course ID: LC001
    • Discover the importance of good writing skills in the business environment,
    • Learn about audience and purpose analysis,
    • Examine different types of business documents, and
    • Craft some of your own documents.
  3. Digital Communication Methods
    The Digital Age is upon us, and today, an increasing amount of business is conducted online. In this course you will look at the impact of technology in the workplace today verses in the past, as well as how and why the digital media affects communication in both positive and negative ways. In addition, we will look at forms of digital communication ranging from email to chat rooms, and everything in between. We will even examine digital applications including:
    Course ID: LC003
    • Your browser interface,
    • Word processing,
    • Presentation,
    • Spreadsheet,
    • Database.
  4. Digital Rhetoric
    Writing is not writing is not writing. Writing for websites is a whole different beast than writing copy for your typical marketing materials. For example, you have just 7 seconds to catch your reader's attention before he clicks off to ride the next Internet wave. Another consideration is that writing for the search engines is an art and a science that has its own set of guidelines. In this course you’ll learn the techniques and nuances for writing compelling, search engine savvy website copy.
    Course ID: LC027