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  • Creative Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Writing Across Genres
  • Business Certificate Program

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Elements of Writing Instructor Cost
Creativity: Bringing Out Your Best Stuff - LC002 Wesley Sharpe, Ed. D. $250
Introduction to English Sentences - LC008 George Ann Gregory, Ph.D. $180
Get Up and Get Started! - LC024 Joy Rothke $185
Fiction Know-How! - LC025 Deborah Sutton $260
The Novel Elements: What Every Writer Should Know - LC011 Tim Wright $225
Creative Writing
Romance, Romance - LC013 Carol Givner $260
Science and Speculative Fiction Short-verse Poetry - LC014 Terrie Leigh Relf, M.A. $150
Writing Poetry Inspired by Landscape or Place - LC023 Jodi Rowland $180
How to Write (and Sell) Your First Screenplay - LC006 Christina Hamlett $225
Writing for Laughs - LC021 Lynn Ruth Miller $240
Writing Short Mysteries - LC018 Sunnye Tiedemann $240
Non-fiction Writing
Journaling: Growing as a Writer - LC010 Deborah Bouziden $240
Writing Our Lives - LC017 Terrie Leigh Relf, M.A. $300
Writing the Non-fiction Book Proposal - LC019 Deborah Bouziden $150
Writing the Personal Column - LC022 Lynn Ruth Miller $240
Writing Your Dream Cookbook - LC016 Sunnye Tiedemann $240
Writing Across Genres
WOLves Promotional Group - LC026 Trudy W. Schuett $225
Certificate Program
Business Writing Certificate Program Mary Anne Donovan $1260