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Creativity: Bringing Our Your Best Stuff

Wesley Sharpe, Ed.D.

Course ID: LC002

Current Openings: Yes

This workshop is designed to provide students with an intensive introduction to creativity. Learners focus on improving their writing by learning to recognize and use the creative process, and by practicing ways to think and write creatively.

Creative writing exercises include

  • Directed flow writing,
  • Brainstorming
  • Making cluster diagrams.

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Course Type:

It is a self-paced, individualized workshop for beginning and advanced writers. Each week the instructor will post a lecture, reading assignment, and two or three writing exercises.

Learners are expected to:

  • Complete the readings from the assigned text.
  • E-mail the assignments to the instructor by the beginning of each week.


By the end of the course learners will understand

  • The creative process and
  • How to use it to improve their writing.

Learner Prerequisites


Start Date Ongoing, open enrollment.
Duration 6 lessons in a 10 week period.
Limit N/A
Class Materials

Freeing Your Creativity: A Writer's Guide by Marshall Cook, available at in paperback for $12.04.

(You can order it at

Cost $250
Tutorial Option

Additional mentoring and critiquing is available from the instructor. The fee is $45 per hour. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is Creativity?

  • Define creativity!
  • Discuss the myths that limit creative possibilities.
  • Start a 21-day writing program.

Lesson 2: Logical and Imaginative Thinking

  • Understand the effect of right and left-brain thinking on creativity.
  • Find your preference.

Lesson 3: Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Examine the essential personality traits of the creative writer.

Lesson 4: Nurturing Your Creative Ideas

  • Understand the creative process.
  • How does the creative process work for writers?

Lesson 5: Learn to Think Like a Writer

  • Ways to enhance your creativity.

Lesson 6: The Creative Process

  • Continue the discussion of the creative process on how it solves writing problems.

Weekly handouts and reading assignments will be provided by e-mail.

Instructor Bio

Wesley Sharpe, Ed.D. is a freelance journalist. He writes frequently about

  • Parenting
  • Grand parenting
  • Psychological, and educational issues

for print and online magazines.

He is the author of Growing Creative Kids (Broadman & Holman Publishers) and he is writing a book for grandparents who parent their grandchildren. For over twenty years he was a public school psychologist and helped to establish programs for gifted and talented children. He earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of the Pacific. He has contributed to the

  • Christian Mom's Answer Book
  • The Christian Dad's Answer Book
  • Lists to Live By

Additional professional activities:

Dr. Sharpe has published at least 100 articles in print and online magazines.

His credits include articles in:

  • Single-parent Family
  • Christian Parenting Today
  • Home Life
  • Family Times
  • Mature Living, and more.

He is a former freelance writer for Education World ( and writes monthly articles on educational topics. Dr. Sharpe has also taught creativity workshops at two San Francisco Bay Area writers' conferences.