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Get Up and Get Started: Making Your Writing Dreams a Reality

Joy Rothke

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You say you want to be a writer. But are you ready to you ready to shut your office door, apply your seat to your chair and write? Do you have a plan? The difference between wanting to be a writer and being a writer is having a plan.

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Private Mentoring


After completing this class you'll have the skills and tools to get serious about your writing.

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Start Date Ongoing, open enrollment.
Duration 8 lessons at your pace.
Limit N/A
Class Materials

Provided by instructor.

Cost $185
Tutorial Option

Additional mentoring and critiquing is available from the instructor. The fee is $45 per hour. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Course Outline

Get up and Get Started: Overcoming fear, procrastination, and doubt - to live the writer's life.

In this class you'll explore:

  • Identifying where you want to go as a writer.
  • Setting the goals that will get you there.
  • Discovering your best writing time.
  • Making time to write—no matter how busy you are.
  • Time management techniques that really work.
  • Creating a personal calendar of Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual writing goals.
  • Putting yourself on a cyber diet.

You'll learn what to do when you just don't want to write:

  • Outwitting writer's block and discouragement.
  • Recovering quickly from rejections and setbacks.
  • Keeping in touch with your 'muse.'
  • Writing prompts, freewriting techniques, and other processes that'll kick the writer in you out of any funk.

Instructor Bio

Joy Rothke is a freelance writer/editor/teacher. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle,, National Geographic Traveler, and Fodor's Guidebooks.