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Writing Classes: Knowledge is Power

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Our Goal:

You are what you write! Never has this statement been truer than it is in this era of digital communication. As writers, your credibility and success are based upon good basic writing skills as well as mastery of your craft: poetry, fiction, feature writing, news writing, contest writing, whatever. And even if you're not a writer, your writing skills are still vital. Indeed, in the business world, being able to write well can mean the difference between success and failure.

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How It Works:

The Writing Learning Centre's distinction is that all our instructors work with you one-on-one. In most cases you will download or receive emailed course materials and assignments. Your instructor will give you assignments and personal feedback and guide you through a charted course of learning. Some writing courses also include chat rooms where learners can interact with each other. Our instructors also serve as resource centres for learners and will offer suggested books, follow-up activities, web links, and more.


Most classes at WLC are open enrollment, which means your registration and participation is not tied to calendar dates. You may register at any time, subject to enrollment limits. (Instructors may choose to limit the number of enrollees in their courses)

Click on Registration for information on payment options, credit card security, and related issues.

Tutorial Option:

Almost all WLC courses accommodate "tutorial" instruction for learners who prefer this approach. This differs from "one on one" instruction in that the instructor will spend nearly all his or her time reading and reviewing learner manuscripts. Generally, the cost of tutorial instruction is $45.00 per hour unless otherwise specified by the instructor. For info, please contact us!

Our Mission:

Ours is a labor of love. As true lovers of words and good communication, our mission is to use the most qualified people and the best technology to be the pre-eminent online educational resource for those who write for any purpose: business, to make a living, to express the soul, among others.

Today writing is no longer a static, linear activity. It is multidimensional and takes unique forms such as databases and search engines. At the Writing Learning Centre, we will address writing in all its forms starting with the traditional and ending with cyber lore.

We offer an organic list of unique, custom-designed learning opportunities for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers in a variety of interest areas. And as we grow, we will offer experimental learning systems, free content, and other features including "chats" and one-to-one instruction. We will be releasing new courses and other learning opportunities monthly.

Our programs will be evaluated and continuously improved using three forms of input:

  1. Self-evaluation:

    The Writing Learning Centre instructors will individually and collectively look for ways to improve the quality of our offerings and of all the related processes.

  2. Professional development:

    We will use peer-evaluation and structured professional development to fine tune our skills and the caliber of our courses.

  3. Learner evaluation:

    Courses will be rigorously evaluated by participating learners. Evaluations will be studied and we will respond to constructive feedback on a continuous basis.


We are carefully recruiting faculty members who are qualified as instructors, published writers, or proven experts. Instructors must be able to demonstrate expertise in the specific subject area of their choice as well as good "online communication skills." In short, we are looking for accomplished professionals with demonstrated instructional skills.

Join Our Faculty:

If you are interested in teaching for Writing Learning Centre, please send a resume and course outline to [email protected].