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Journaling: Growing as a Writer

Deborah Bouziden

Course ID: LC010

Current Openings: Yes

Journaling can make you a better writer. As writers we're always looking for ways to spark our creativity and sharpen our writing skills. The key we've heard over and over again is "write every day." By keeping a journal and exploring different journaling techniques, you can achieve your writing agenda and also make discoveries about yourself at the same time.

This eight-week course will help you explore twelve journaling techniques plus creative ways to keep you growing as a writer.

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Course Type:

Private mentoring.


The objectives for this course are as follows, to:

  • Get you writing every day,
  • Hone your writing skills,
  • Experiment with your writing,
  • Explore creative ideas.
  • Learner Prerequisites


    Start Date Ongoing, open enrollment.
    Duration 8 weeks or 12 lessons at your own pace.
    Limit None
    Class Materials Spiral Notebook and pen. (Recommended, but not required - THE JOURNAL WHEEL AND GUIDEBOOK - $14.95, Loveland Press.
    Cost $240
    Tutorial Option Not available

    Course Outline

    Lesson 1: Overview and Getting Started

    Lesson 2: Writing the Character Sketch, Practice and Stretching

    Lesson 3: Jumping Off With Springboards and Writing Sprints

    Lesson 4: Clustering, Mind Mapping, or Idea Webbing

    Lesson 5: Different Types of Journals and Captured Moments

    Lesson 6: Making the List and Checking It Twice

    Lesson 7: Unsent Letters

    Lesson 8: Talk to Yourself: Writing Dialogues

    Lesson 9: Poetry and Pictures

    Lesson 10: Sum It Up - Writing Summaries

    Lesson 11: Dreams - Living Large

    Lesson 12: A Month's Worth and Taking Stock

    Instructor Bio

    Deborah Bouziden has been keeping a journal since she was nine. She has been writing and publishing since 1985. In that time, she has published over 400 articles for such varied publications, including:

    • Woman's Day
    • Writer's Digest
    • True Confessions

    She has contributed to five books and published five of her own. Bouziden teaches journaling, creative writing, and is an editing and marketing consultant, as well as creativity coach. She credits journaling with helping her reach her goals. To find out more about her, visit her website at