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Writing Poetry Inspired by Landscape and Place

Jodi Rowland

Course ID: LC023

Current Openings: Yes

This course offers the opportunity for learners to explore the theme of landscape and place within poetry, and analyze and create poems inspired by surroundings. Learners focus on developing their voice within poetry and composing poems for a chapbook and publication.

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Course Type:

It is an individualized writer’s workshop designed to provide learners, both beginner and advanced, with creative ideas and feedback. On a weekly basis, the instructor gives lecture notes, assignments, and any recommended readings by email.


Using the theme of landscape/place, analyze poetry, create original poems, and compile a chapbook, in which learners submit either individual poem(s) and/or chapbook for publication.

Learner Prerequisites


Start Date Ongoing, Open Enrollment
Duration 10 weeks.
Limit N/A
Class Materials To be provided by the Instructor.
Cost $180
Tutorial Option Additional mentoring and critiquing is available from the instructor. The fee is $45 per hour. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Basics of Poetry

  • Exploring the mechanics and techniques of poetry.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems from writing exercises.

Lesson 2: Landscape/Place in Poetry

  • Looking at how poets use landscape/place in poetry.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems using theme.

Lesson 3: Rural Landscapes

  • Analyzing poems set in rural landscapes.
  • 2-3 poems using rural landscapes.

Lesson 4: City Landscapes

  • Analyzing poems set in city landscapes.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems using city landscapes.

Lesson 5: What is Place?

  • Exploring semantics of place within poetry.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems inspired by place; 3-5 page analytical essay on given topic.

Lesson 6: Poetic Voice

  • Looking at how poets' voices develop within landscape/place.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems on landscape/place.

Lesson 7: Poetic Forms

  • Exploring various forms of poetry that incorporate landscape/place.
  • Assignment: 2-3 form poems incorporating landscape/place.

Lesson 8: Inspiration

  • Finding inspiration for poems from surroundings.
  • Assignment: 2-3 poems on any topic.

Lesson 9: Poetry as Landscape/Place

  • Looking at poems as landscape/place.
  • Assignment: 2-3 landscape/place poems.

Lesson 10: Composing a Chapbook.

  • Exploring how to compile poems into a chapbook.
  • Assignment: Create chapbook of 18-24 poems and submit poem(s) and/or chapbook for publication.

Instructor Bio

Jodi Rowland is a youth minister and freelance writer. She enjoys writing poetry, creative non-fiction, and technical documents. Her publications include Sinking in the Sky Water, a poetry chapbook, and multiple poems in The Angle. Her chapbook is available from FootHills Publishing.