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Romance, Romance: Between The Sheets and Between the Pages of a Winning Romance Novel

Carol Givner

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"I've wanted you, Victoria, from the first moment I saw you."

His breath felt warm against her throat. His hands tightened around her bare arms. Her pulse quickened.

Would she faint? Would they be the scandal of the Town? If the Marquis found her kissed senseless in the arms of the nobleman sworn to protect her, her reputation would be ruined. She would be forced to leave London.

"Lord Randall, I must protest. A young woman of my station found naked in the sleeping quarters of the most notorious rake in all of England would be the talk of the Ton."

"They're talking already, my dear Miss Featherland. They say you are not the maiden you pretend to be, and I intend to discover the truth about your virtue."

He brushed his lips against her mouth. "Don't be afraid of your own passions, Victoria. You were made for love. You were made for me. I want to hear you sigh."

And then he. . . .

Oh! I didn't hear you. You're so quiet. I was just, ah, writing out my laundry list. Yeah, that's it. Laundry. ~heh, heh~

Just kidding. You've come to the right place.

Rakes and rogues, maidens and mistresses, passion and desire.


An 8 lesson course designed to teach you the basics about romance writing. After Lord Randall and Victoria Featherland are through with you, you will have written the first five pages of your romance novel.

You'll have the confidence to finish your

  • Contemporary,
  • Historical or
  • Regency romance with style.

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Course Type:

Private mentoring.


To learn the basics of the romance novel genre, for personal writing satisfaction or publication.

Learner Prerequisites

  • The ability to love and laugh.
  • The desire to put reality aside.
  • The willingness to surrender to the joy of storytelling.
  • A pencil and a sheet of paper.
Start Date Ongoing, open enrollment.
Duration 8 lessons at your pace.
Limit N/A
Class Materials The instructor will provide outlines and writing instruction through email in printer friendly formats.
Cost $260
Tutorial Option Additional mentoring and critiquing is available from the instructor. The fee is $45 per hour. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Hook

  • The best way to start your story, draw your reader into your world, and attract the attention of a publisher.

Lesson 2: The Characters of Romance

  • The Alpha or Beta Male?
  • The Strong and Feisty Heroine?

Lesson 3: The Romance Plot Essentials.

  • Girl meets Boy.
  • What happens next may surprise you!

Lesson 4: Foreshadowing Hints.

  • If there's a rifle hanging over the fireplace in the first scene, it should fire in the last chapter!

Lesson 5: Backstory

  • How to give your characters:
    • a past,
    • present,
    • and future without boring your readers.

Lesson 6: Sexual Tension

  • How to build ideal love scenes.

Lesson 7: The First Five Pages

  • Write the begining of your novel.
  • Apply all you've learned.
  • Your instructor will critique it for you and offer suggestions.

Lesson 8: The First Five Pages Rewritten.

  • Polish your final draft and submit it to the instructor for last minute tune ups.

Instructor Bio

Carol Givner is a best-selling author with six books to her credit, two of which have been nominated for the Frankfurt Award.

She has been in Time Magazine, and she was a front cover story for Wired Magazine. The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage credits her with changing the book business when her romantic comedy, BING, BANG, BOOM, was the first ebook to make the crossover to brick and mortar stores at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Bookstar, and Dalton's.

Carol also wrote the first ebook, a time-travel romance called ROCK-A-BYE, BABE, on the net in 1996 about rock star/composer, Bryan Adams, who published the beginning in print. VH1 and MusicSpace both ran the serial, which can still be read on their archived old links.

She has had five short stories published in TRUE LOVE Magazine and is Editor-in-Chief of both WORDSMITH,and SEE Magazine.

Carol is also president of the following organizations:

  • Pacific Palisades Romance Authors
  • Ventura Area Romance Authors
  • Gold Coast Fiction Writers

In addition, she is the executive producer of THE AUTHORS THEATRE, which will be a webcast and will also be distributed on CD.

Famous Veggie interviewed Carol in their celebrity section at Because of her environmental work, she is the author and photographer for PINEAPPLES IN THE TIDES, a vegan cookbook with celebrity taste-testers photographed in Malibu, California.

Her beauty and health book, BEAUTIFUL YOU! HOW TO LOOK LIKE A MOVIE STAR, will be released in innovative packaging with a print book, DVD with a full weekend spa and exercise video, and her own line of organic beauty products.

Her website is She invites everyone to please stop by and say hello.