Affiliate Program

WOLves Promotional Group

Trudy W. Schuett

Course ID: LC026

Current Openings: Yes

Working with group promotional events online and guided, independent efforts offline, participants begin immediately promoting their works and those of group members. This is a hands-on, active course where participants learn by doing, with emphasis on cooperation and networking.

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Course Type:

Group discussion and networking/events with private mentoring


Learning promotional skills; active promotion of individual’s work; learning the basics of in-person and online networking.

Learner Prerequisites

A good, working knowledge of Microsoft Word

Start Date Ongoing, open enrollment.
Duration 6 months, renewable.
Limit N/A
Class Materials Wild West Promo downloadable book, various online articles, discussion group, blog.
Cost $225 (does not include blog hosting)
Tutorial Option Additional mentoring and critiquing is available from the instructor. The fee is $45 per hour. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Course Outline

Weeks 1 & 2:

  • Establish and begin promoting your blog
  • Join the discussion group
  • Begin networking with other participants

Weeks 3 & 4:

  • Begin participating in the blogosphere
  • Learn use of aggregators and other tools and utilities

Months 2-4:

  • Participate in group promo events, held the first week of each month on the WOLves blog network.

Months 5 & 6:

  • Add individual offline efforts such as local book signings and speaking engagements
  • Begin developing relationships with local media.

All group efforts will be critiqued in an after-event debriefing, with the purpose of improving for the next event and hatching new ideas. Individual efforts can be submitted for critiquing and ideas from the group.

Instructor Bio

Trudy W. Schuett is an online veteran with 10 years in cyberspace; an author and multiblogger. She has held workshops on blogging, writing, and promo for writers at the New Communications Forum and Arizona Western College, and has participated in world blogging events such as Global PR Blog Week.

Her main blog, WOLves, originally created for Writer Online, will be the focal point and springboard for this course.